It’s not just the journeys through fabulous snow covered mountains that we love about Swiss railways, it’s the reliability.

It’s the fact that we can be sure they arrive on time. Some years ago there was a document produced damning the fact that 90% of Swiss trains were late…by up to 2 minutes!!

Now, here in the UK, 2 minutes late would be seen as a triumph, yet the Swiss were really upset that they weren’t perfect. Now that’s an attitude that drives them to probably be the best in the world and it shows the focus they have on delivering their promise.

97% of all our calls were made within 10 minutes of planned time!

You might guess we were delighted to find that when we analysed our call data, we found that 97% of all our calls were made within 10 minutes of the planned time. OK it’s not Switzerland; they don’t have Wokingham traffic for a start! However in an area where we know many care providers will only give a time slot within 2 hours of the clients requested times, we are proud we live up to our promise of always being there, within minutes.

Being there and being reliable is very important; some clients need to get up at certain times, need essential medication or for some it might be lunch or teatime. Whatever reason, be it very personal, medical or just about lifestyle, it’s important for them we are there as close to time as we can. If they have a problem before the end of a call, we don’t just leave them so we can make the next call. We will always communicate and re organise our team to fit our clients needs.

That’s another reason we might have that 10 minute slip, we are not totally driven by time over the need for a little extra care, yet we are very aware of our schedules.

Perhaps it’s an age and cultural thing, however older people can be very time driven, they don’t have much they can do and they watch that clock to see their carer, for many it’s a lovely interlude in their day.

I did a video for our website that says, whatever you are told about care, carers will be late. There are just too many external factors that can delay our journey between calls. However, I am now delighted to know we will only be a little late, on occasion and most importantly we will always be there.

Reliability has to be a watchword in care.

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