We have a client whom we started providing sleeping nights for in Oct 2019, sadly she had lost her husband in the spring. She is a very agile and spritely 96 years old and is an active member of several clubs in the area she lives.

Sleeping nights

TedAfter the loss of her husband, there was concern from her family about being on her own at night, at this time The Homecare People began to provide sleeping nights, this enabled our client to stay in her own home at night and not be alone.
Another worry for the family was that their Mum had been married for nearly 70 years, they knew that sleeping alone would be an on-going issue. After careful thought, it was decided that they would give their Mum a Teddy Bear that she could sleep with at night and he has affectionately become known as “Ted”. Ted has become a true companion and she takes him everywhere she goes; she even has little conversations with him at times.

Our night time services

During the nights, our client sleeps in the downstairs bedroom, this means that our carer sleeps in one of the upstairs bedrooms, allowing us to hear our client during the night and provide support or assistance if she gets up or needs help. We have put a sound monitor in place which allows our carers to hear everything that is happening

Our carer’s that provide the sleeping night cover have formed a close relationship with our client, but it was soon discovered that she gets quite confused during the night on occasions. When this occurs, it can mean that she thinks about getting up and dressed at 3am, or wonders where her family are and why they are not there.

Night time conversations

In many instances this could cause issues which could prove difficult to manage, but fortunately we now have a secret weapon in the form of Ted.

During the night, if our client does wake up, she talks to Ted and discusses things with him and through this we learn what she is thinking and planning on doing at that moment. With this information it allows us to then go and offer reassurance and point out that it is not the right time for her to be getting up or dressed and to help her go back to sleep.

Ted not only provides company to this lovely lady but has also become her confidante so we know what is troubling her at that moment and we can raise the subject and put her mind at rest.

Our overnight and sitting care service can provide support either on a permanent nightly basis to keep your loved ones company or just for the occasions you wish to go out but are concerned about leaving your family member alone.

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