PASS – Family Portal

PASS - Our Care Management System

We have a legal duty to report on the health and well being of our clients, from measurable clinical conditions to simply how they feel.PASS Systems This depends on each individual and a personalised care plan is developed for every client and each carer will work with this plan and provide a daily report. This is essential for multiple carers sharing duties daily, allowing our Managers to review reports and be aware of any changes in conditions, a possible need for review or to share information with other healthcare professionals. We use a system called  PASS which is available online and, on our carer’s mobile phones via an app. PASS logoWhen arriving at a call our carers have full access to the clients care plan and notes from previous care calls, they know what is expected and can ensure continuity and evolution of care. The system flags up if a carer is late, enabling us to intervene if necessary and make sure everything is running smoothly. Families too have a key part to play in all this, for example wanting to check how Mum or Dad is doing. Our PASS care management system allows them access to daily reports. This gives families who do not live nearby (or even in the UK) the capability to do a check whenever they wish. This offers great peace of mind and ensures they are aware of how the care is progressing.