Overnight and Sitting Care Services

We can provide support for the occasions you wish to go out yet are concerned about leaving your loved one.

To that end we regularly provide “sitting services” where we can be there from a few hours to a full day, whilst you take a break, an evening out or perhaps even a day’s shopping trip. We also provide overnight care services: A sleeping night: where we are there to help with bedtime or breakfast time and during the night our carer will be able to sleep, however if there is a problem, they are there to help. All you need to do is provide them with a bed for the night. This service provides great reassurance for many clients and can enable the regular carer to have some free time or a more settled night’s sleep A waking night: as it suggests this is when our carer is on duty through the night and will attend and check on our client as required. As above this can be a great help to those carers who simply need a good night’s sleep and is particularly valuable with more complex care needs. Night services can be particularly valuable in end of life care situations.