End Of Life Care

At a time when everything seems almost impossible to deal with, we can help.

End of life care takes a certain skill set and requires carers who are comfortable in helping everyone involved throughout the weeks and months ahead. This is a time when understanding about dignity and privacy is at its most important; it is also a time when it can really help to bring a fresh face and sense of normality whenever possible. Our team are trained to understand the special needs of many terminal conditions and how best to keep people comfortable and spirits high. This very much applies to the family too. Emotions run high at a time when most people face new challenges, we can help you understand the issues and support your loved ones. There are many practical issues to handle, from a progressing level of care needs, liaison with other healthcare professionals and knowing what questions to ask and when to push for more support or equipment. Ultimately you will face the end of a loved one’s life and this brings challenges, however its easier when there is someone there to help you through the processes at this difficult time. From informing the relevant medical people, to undertakers and ensuring family are supported at every step.  
“Hi, Thank you so much for your kind words and support. It was reassuring to know that Mary passed with dignity, peacefully and love for her in the room, she wasn’t alone.  I’ve said this many times, I have never worked with such lovely caring supportive people. It makes everything easier.  Annie”