Dementia Care Service

It is difficult for families when caring for a parent or partner with dementia.

It is hard hearing the same stories day after day or having to handle the same complaints and frustrations you may have heard for years. It does eventually wear you down and it can very be hard to admit that. It is rarely personal as it is the nature of dementia. It’s easier for us as we are trained on what to expect and we don’t have a history with a “different person”, our client is the person we see every day and understanding the nature of the condition and learning about each individual’s particular needs enables us to take a fresh look, which usually helps them and gives huge support to the families and partners. Several our senior team are very experienced in caring for those with dementia and, as a result we are particularly interested in helping. We spend a lot of our training time helping our team understand the peculiarities of Dementia and how we can help in practical ways. Caring for those with dementia who wish to stay at home takes more experience and training, the home environment can provide physical challenges that a care home may not. Many home care clients have dementia in mild and more advanced stages, and we can help them maintain independence at home or support the families. While there may come a time where 24-hour care in a care home may be the best option, there is much we can do to delay that need. It is recognised that those with Dementia do better in a familiar environment and that a change can have extremely negative effects on their condition. As we help take some of the pressure off it can make time at home much more bearable and sustainable. Plus, you have the benefit of having a team of experts help everyone understand the condition of your loved one and to help you make more informed decisions about each stage of care in the future. Learn more about Dementia and support here.