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Funding for homecare

Funding for Homecare

Many people think that service from a home care agency is beyond their financial means; however, as more information about financing care becomes available, care at home is becoming an increasingly popular option.

Funding for care is a confusing subject area, however, by carrying out a little research and utilising resources available to you, your options become clearer and easier to understand.

Private Funding
Most of our clients are privately funded as they are not eligible for public funding, or would simply prefer to fund their care privately. Funding yourself is often the fastest and easiest way to get care, if you are looking at other schemes which may include equity release or other financial methods it can take many months to complete and often requires complex legal documents to protect those with ownership of property or savings.

If you are looking for support with financial planning, we would recommend that you contact an impartial Financial Advisor specialising in Care Fees. They can discuss various options we do have details of a number of providers if you wish to call us.

Public Funding for care at home
You may be eligible to receive help with funding your care from the Government. However if you have savings of more than £23,500 you will not be eligible. You have the right to request a free care assessment from your local Social Services department; this can include a community care assessment and a means-tested financial assessment to see if you are eligible to receive support with the cost of your care. In most cases if you are eligible you may not receive sufficient funds to receive the level of care we propose and will have to work according to the capabilities of your local councils suppliers and any restrictions they may apply.

Direct Payments can help you to get services from a home care agency 
This is a relatively new scheme where the Government is looking to increase the number of people who receive direct payments, allowing more people access to the benefits that they need. These payments are designed to support you to remain living at home, encouraging independence and social inclusion in areas such as employment, education and leisure activities

If you have been assessed as needing services from a home care agency, you may be offered direct payments. As part of this arrangement, payments will be made by your local council directly to you so that you are able to organise and pay for your care service.. If you are considered eligible for support with funding, your local council are duty bound to consider direct payments as an option for you.

If you choose this option Social service will become involved in assessing your financial situation and a Social worker will assess your personal needs and may offer support based on the way they usually work. However they will also offer you access to support groups and others who may advise you on how to set up your own care. Should you select a level of care that exceeds your allowance you can top this up from your own funds.

Help with Form Filling for Home care
Filling out forms to get financial support can be a daunting task and it’s easy to misunderstand the requirements or not be quite sure what all the terms mean.

A number of our clients have asked for help with this and we are lucky to have a very experience Financial Accountant Sarah Hazelton as a part of our team. If you need help call us and Sarah can assess the help you need and the time it would take to complete the forms.

For further information on Direct Payments contact your local social services, or visit The DoH Easy Guide to Direct Payments.

The following link is a very good overview of funding issues from March 2014 CLICK HERE






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