Home care options are changing. Did you know over 90% of people do not want to go into a care home and would rather stay in the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

You may be trying to decide on what the best decision is for either yourself or a loved one – what is best?

Care homes are no longer the only option – home care is now a popular alternative for people who want to receive private care at home.
Dinner is servedThere are many studies that show person centred care at home is proven to have a more positive impact on well-being, happiness and importantly, a reduction in hospital admissions.
Those with dementia, for example, benefit greatly from private care at home. This can be linked to being in a familiar surrounding and being around their own belongings and memories such are photographs and books. A 2013 study explained that dementia patients that stay living at home experience greater activity levels, social connections and overall quality of life and those living in a care home.

Stay independent

For many of our clients retaining a sense of independence is one of the greatest attributes of our service. Being able to carry on living life as normally as you once did in the place you feel most comfortable is invaluable, all done with additional support from our team of carers.
Support can be tailored to you and your lifestyle and can be adapted over time if your needs change, for example you might start with a couple of hours a few times a week to help with cleaning, or the weekly shop, then the hours might increase to help with daily personal care, or you may even require a live-in carer further down the line to enable you to stay at home. All these instances can be discussed, the carers are also at your discretion – to make sure you are comfortable, you can even meet beforehand and pick the individuals you’d like to have looking after you or your loved one.

Concerns over care

Many people fear the day they might have to go into a care home, this hasn’t been helped with the stigma surrounding residential care recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the stories that have been circling in the press.
In turn, this has caused concern for many families and has even put a halt on many care decisions throughout the year as people are unaware of the alternative options available, such as home care.
Currently, the safest form of care is home care as it dramatically reduces the risk of infection from person to person transmission.

How are we dealing with the Pandemic?

In many cases, those that rely on care are the most vulnerable of the population. At the Homecare People we are taking solid measures to continue to protect our clients in these uncertain times.

We continue to provide the care our clients require and to enable us to do this we are using a range of PPE equipment as outlined by Public Health England, this consists of disposable plastic gloves, disposable plastic aprons and disposable face coverings.

We have minimised the number of carers visiting our clients to reduce exposure and therefore the potential of transmission. Our team are careful to clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces and continue to closely monitor those we care for to make sure any possible symptoms are reported and acted upon.

What next?

If you have been putting off making a decision on care due to the pandemic, or maybe you have just started to consider the possible options that lie ahead – we can help.

Get in touch to arrange a no obligation call or meeting, where we can discuss all the options available to you.

We can help you to retain your independence in the comfort of your own home, providing the right level of support and specialist care to enable you to live your life to the fullest.