As a business, it is important that we know we are doing a great job.


Dementia Care Service

We can gauge this by asking the people who use our services, this is best way to find out whether we are doing what we set out to do and meeting expectations!

Gaining feedback helps us to further improve and develop our services, so we can continue to offer the best possible care.

We surveyed all our clients and have spent time analysing the feedback we were given. We are delighted to be able to share the results of this survey with you.


  • 100% of our clients agree they received a high quality of service and we were happy to have had an excellent level response from our clients or their families.
  • Of those surveyed all clients rated our carers timekeeping as excellent.
  • All the clients we surveyed said they feel the care they receive has improved their quality of life.
  • We were also pleased to find out that all our clients thought we have handled the COVID-19 pandemic in the best way possible.


Why did you choose The Homecare People?

When asked why our clients chose us over any other local home care provider, the top answer given was personal recommendation. We really could not ask for more!

When people are recommending us to their friends and family, this speaks volumes. We know there is a lot of choice out there, so having so many recommendations is testament to what we are doing.


What do we do well?

We wanted to know what aspects of our service we were doing well. The key theme coming through was that we are friendly, personal, and helpful. We certainly aim to be all these things. We know it can be a daunting, worrying, and frustrating time when you realise it is time to get some help. So, by offering a friendly, fully trained and confident team, we can help to ease some of these feelings.

Being listened to was something that so many people appreciated. We do not rush through our calls; we really take the time to listen to you as an individual and therefore we can tailor your care to you and your lifestyle.


Here are a few testimonials from the survey:

“Our parents simply could not stay in their own home without the help and support of THCP.”

“Mum has now settled down and our family feel it is the additional support given that has made the difference. Without care in place, she was on a slippery slope, so it is really good.”

“I can now sleep at night without sleeping tablets knowing Dad is safe. I am happy as it is a huge responsibility off my shoulders, asking someone else to look after Dad. With the arrangements in place, it now works very well.”

“The care Mum receives means that she is able to stay in her own home, I am able to relax knowing she is very well looked after – Thank you!”

“I am very happy with the care THCP provide for Mum, I find THCP helpful, and we always communicate any concerns directly and let them know if there are any issues.”

“The level of care that THCP provide is just fantastic. When THCP first went out to meet her, she was told what we would do for her and she said that THCP has done that and a lot more.”


Final Thoughts

We were so delighted with the results of the survey. Day to day, we regularly receive positive feedback, but receiving such a high volume of consistently, positive comments, was very humbling. We genuinely care and invest so much into everything that happens here at The Homecare People. Nothing happens by chance; it is all very carefully thought about. So, it is great to know that what we are doing is working.

Obviously, we also gained some valuable insight into areas that can be improved – this is just as important, if not more so, than hearing the positive experiences. Anything that we identify as an area to work on, change and improve to make what we offer even better, is always welcomed! So, we are continually working ‘behind the scenes’ to further develop and enhance our services, so we can continue to help and support you!


If you’d like to find out more about how we might be able to help you or a loved one, contact us today!