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This is a true representation of how caring should be done. Kind, caring, supportive, discrete, friendly carers and team- special people indeed... a wonderful and honest service provided. They do what they say they will.Could not recommend highly enough.

We don’t know if you realise just how much the care you gave to my Dad meant to all his family. He always said that if it hadn't been for his carers, especially Julie, he would not have been able to carry on after losing my Mum, Sheila, who you also cared for.

There are no words to express how profoundly grateful we are for the wonderful care you gave Dad, not just Physical care, but emotional care as well. The unfailing kindness and thoughtfulness of his carers, who always seemed to go above and beyond, was something we appreciated more than you will ever know. It was always a great comfort to us to know that Dad was so well cared for and looked after. If Dad were still here we know he would want to join us in saying thank you for everything you did.

Alan and Jane White

My daughter was very impressed for all the help and care you gave her yesterday and is so glad I have joined The Homecare people, as am I. All you lovely girls go above and beyond to give a good service and friendliness and you too Spencer, so I didn’t want to call you a girl!!

Thanks again for being so understanding…………..Jean

Maria , who is an excellent carer and who now works with you. It would be doubly excellent if Maria could be M's carer under your aegis!


“A fantastic caring company from someone who receives that care - highly recommend ❤️

Jean W.

To everyone at the Homecare people. Thank you all so much for everything you do throughout the year.

JH and Family

To all our wonderful carers and office staff, wishing you all and your families the very best

Thank you for all you do for us

C and J

To Homecare, Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Thanks for all your help and the Christmas gift.


A big thank you to all the carers who looked after Denis over the last couple of years. We really appreciate the level of care and attention he received during this time

Many thanks to you all

The Emery Family

Hello Julie

Thank you so much for helping Mum out, I think the system as it is is working well, the flat is clean and ordered and I feel much happier about her care

Mrs FL

Surviving my father for 5 years. She had managed to live in her own home till now and only in the past 6 months did she have a 24/7 carer living in.

I am very grateful to the owners, manager and all the staff at the Homecare people, in Wokingham

Mrs AT Canada

Thanks for all Homecare do- We are so pleased with the service Mum gets. She is always pleased with the carers she has and it stops me worrying!!

Mrs JH

The Family would like to say a big thank you for all the care you gave to Betty. She loved all her carers. Also thank you for all the care you are giving B.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for the lovely box of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates. I certainly haven't eaten them yet and am protecting them from the carers !!

It was very kind of you and much appreciated

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter

Philip M L Lewis MBE

An enormous thank you to you all for all your help throughout the year. We wouldn’t be able to cope without you all

Love and best wishes

Julie H

I received a call from a clients family last night at 22.40 after the Paramedics decided not to admit “X” to Hospital . (Deciding it was heat related breathing difficulties) The Family wanted me to pass on their sincere thanks to you for looking after “X” the way you did, she said ” you were fantastic!”

She was insistent that I pass on their sentiments to you and make it known how impressed they were. I have therefore copied Graham, Sarah and Anna into this email so they are aware too !

Well done Aly , you should be proud of yourself!

From Julie, our Senior carer

Hello Carrie,

Having carers from your firm helping to care for my mother has been a great relief to me. I have been very pleased by their professional but caring attitude. We would like to arrange some time away during the School Holidays.

To cover my mother each day we would need morning, lunchtime and evening visits and also night sleep-in (undisturbed). So either a long weekend or a one week break either side of that date would be ideal for us to be away. Can you help us with planning this trip? I realise that it is always necessary to expect the unexpected when dealing with the elderly.

Kind Regards, Mr G P


I was quite worried about setting up Carers for my mother, Alma Chandler, but made the right choice with The Homecare People of Wokingham and I have no hesitation in highly recommending them. The Carers brightened my Mum’s days during the last few months of her life. She was diagnosed with liver cancer in February 2015 and prior to that she had been a very independent lady. Following a spell in hospital, I insisted she had carers but she resisted me every step of the way. However, within days of the Homecare People starting my Mum had a total change of heart. Apart from helping with personal care and making her food, having a friendly Carer to talk with was a great bonus. The main Carer was Laura and she was wonderful – competent and cheerful. On Laura’s first visit she arrived to find that my Mum had fallen on the bedroom floor during the night. Laura called for an ambulance, called me (in Lancashire) and stayed for hours while the paramedics got my Mum up and back into bed.

My Mum had several Carers and they were all very good. Mum learned to trust them completely and I was able to go to work knowing that she was in safe hands. We started with 3 visits a day, but as my Mum deteriorated this was increased to 4 visits. Again, it was reassuring for me, living so far away, to know that the Carers came to put my Mum to bed and that she was safe then until they came in the morning to get her up. Latterly, when my Mum was not able to get out of bed, the Carers came in pairs in order to wash her and change continence pants. This is not an easy job for family members and I was extremely grateful to all the Carers, who took all these tasks in their stride. For the last ten nights, my mother also had a Carer looking after her by night and she was so pleased that the Homecare People were able to send Anita, who was already known and trusted.

Like so many people, my mother wanted to die at home and this would not have been possible without the district nurses and without the Homecare People Carers. Looking back, I think my mother got better care at home than she would have done in hospital. Most importantly, she got what she wanted. I need to thank Cheryl McGrath, because she was a tower of strength throughout and I really appreciated her support. It’s very, very difficut caring for a dying parent, especially from a distance and you need the support of a team of people. I was able to trust the Homecare People to have my Mum’s best interests at heart and to do the right things. I shall always be grateful. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff.’

Lorna Chandler – June 2015

I would just like to repeat my eternal thanks to your lovely ladies Lynn and Susanne. They were so kind and loving to us both and it made a difficult situation so much easier to deal with. I was quite worried at the beginning how we would get on, but they were wonderful to us. Thank you again, yours sincerely

JH Finchampstead

Although I find all of your staff to be caring, kind and understanding of my mother’s needs, I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with two of your staff in particular; Julie Griffin and Cheryl McGrath.

Julie has been the carer my mother has had the most since her care began at the end of August and she has been kind, understanding and thoughtful in her care of my mother. Julie and my mum seem to adore each other and have formed a bond. Julie is also supportive to me too and I feel she has become a friend.

As you may or may not know, funding was granted last week for continuing health care for my mother and this was all thanks to Cheryl McGrath. Cheryl has been most helpful, informative and kind in advising me of the care my mother is entitled to by the local authority funding. After taking Cheryl’s advice I raised the matter with the correct people and within days the funding was granted. This has made such a difference to us, myself in particular, as I now feel I am getting more help and support and it will enable me to continue working, which takes the pressure off, both emotionally and financially. In the two years since my mother’s illness was diagnosed, nobody advised me of the continuing health care policy and I did not know of its existence. Obviously this is of benefit to your company as well, so you have Cheryl to thank for that too. Cheryl also has a great understanding of the care my mum requires and has great knowledge of the care industry that is invaluable to all concerned. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I thought it would be nice for you to hear good things about your employees.

Ms B Charvil

I must say how FABULOUS the medical team is. Without exception, they have been excellent. We have a team of carers from the company “TheHomecare People” who visit three times a day and care for him kindly, thoroughly and with great dignity. The district nurse visits twice a day to administer his medicines. The palliative care team, the GP, the consultant, the night-time nursing support. They have all been lovely, they all involve Daddy in discussing his needs as much as they can, they all talk to him and not over him and they all make every effort to understand him and chat with him while they are here. BLOG

We wanted to write to thank you and your staff [ especially Julie and Eirlys] for all the wonderful care you gave to Sheila in the last months of her life and continue to give to Peter. The support and understanding since Mum passed away has been magnificent. It is such a comfort to know that my parents are looked after so well and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much it is appreciated.

Kind regards A&J W Twyford

Just a note to say thank you. Mum is so pleased with her new carers and so am I. It’s taken a big weight off my mind.

Kind regards Mrs JH Early

I would be grateful if you would pass on all my thanks to your carers for all they did for R over the past few months. We both appreciated their care , kindness and humour that kept us both going during this difficult time. The house is very quiet now with no hospital bed going up and down, no hum of the air mattress and no laughter when the carers were dealing with R.

With my grateful thanks to you and all the carers.
Mrs LL Woosehill

The Homecare People took over the Care of Mrs EJ aprox 3.5 years ago. We were approached by Bracknell Forrest to take over her care Package following a safeguarding issue raised against her previous Care provider. Mrs EJ had a grade 4 pressure sore on her bottom. This was newly discovered by the District Nurse on a routine visit. The previous company had not made any reports or sought any help. Mrs EJ suffers from MS and as a result of this is not able to weight bear or mobilise, she has an electric wheelchair and a ceiling track hoist.

The Homecare People took over the care, providing 4 calls a day with 2 members of staff at each visit. The pressure sore cavity was the size of a 50p piece and caused extreme pain and discomfort to this lady. Due to the severe discomfort Mrs EJ was unable to sit in her wheelchair.

This resulted in her being bed bound. The impact of this led to her being of very low mood and she had lost faith in Care providers after suffering this type of neglect. Further stories unfolded of how the previous company used to eat her food and just sit on the sofa playing phone games etc. This was a very difficult time for this client as she felt not in control and desperately unhappy. The District Nurses visited several times a week and the cavity was packed and a fresh dressing placed on it. The Homecare People ensured that the area was kept clean, replacing the dressing if it became soiled and liasing with the nurses when this happened. The management of this pressure sore went on for almost a year, all this time Mrs EJ was confined to the bed.
The Homecare People provided Mrs EJ with personal and continence care, meal preparation, household duties and management of her medication. Mrs EJ’s mood began to lift and she enjoyed the care visits.

With the expertise of the District Nurses and the care and support of the Homecare People the pressure sore completely closed and healed. Her faith in Care Providers had been restored, realising that not all domiciliary agencies were like the previous one, and that there were competent, trustworthy caring companies out there! Mrs EJ was able to once again be hoisted from her bed and into her wheelchair and she could resume her regular activities of visiting the day centre and shopping. The Pressure sore area will always remain tender and at times the skin can become a little sore but in line with best practice her skin integrity is checked each visit and any sign of soreness is monitored and help sought if needed. Mrs EJ is very happy with the care and support that The Homecare People provide and looks forward to the ladies visiting every day and they look forward to visiting her.

Mrs EJ

The Homecare People were first contacted by Mrs M.S. approximately 2 years ago. On our initial assessment it was clear to see that she had a plan. With no immediate family, she wanted to make contact and forge a relationship with a Care company so that should something unforeseen happen, then help could be readily available. The plan was to embark on cruises and in between these trips The Homecare People would visit just once a week for 2 hours to assist with household tasks and companionship. This worked well for a while then, unfortunately a condition that had laid Dormant for 14 years decided to present itself. Although non contagious this condition prevented her from cruising again.

The Homecare People received a call requesting help and regular daily visits were introduced. The condition this lady suffers with makes her prone to infections and her mobility became difficult and she ended up having a series of falls which led to many Hospital admissions. On discharge from Hospital a little over a year ago this lady was immobile and was being transferred from bed to chair with use of equipment, needing 4 calls a day with 2 staff each visit. This went on for a few months and was obviously quite costly. Meetings took place to discuss the options for the future, should she consider moving into a Care Home or maybe try a live-in Care companion? This client was adamant she did not want to move into a Care home so it was agreed a Live-in Companion would be the best course of action. Live-in Care was started and was working well but it’s always important to get a good “match” of client and companion.

We managed to find the right match of companion and since this was done our client has come on leaps and bounds, benefitting from good homemade meals, plenty of fluids, management of medication and of the skin condition with the full support from the community Matrons her health and mobility have improved significantly. Mrs M.S. now has her confidence back and she carries out her own personal care routine every morning, dresses herself, prepares her own breakfast, assists her live-in Companion with the evening meal preparation and washing up. She even helps out with light housework tasks. Her mobility is more or less back to how it was when we first met her. She regularly enjoys trips out to the shops where she uses the store mobility scooter to whiz around the supermarket, She also enjoys going out and about for a coffee and meals. This relationship with Mrs M.S. proves that with the right support and care in place and having support to manage and administer correct medication and the benefit of a healthy balanced diet a person’s health and quality of life can improve dramatically.

Mrs M.S.

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