Nail care for the Elderly

Nail Care for the Elderly

We now provide a foot and nail care service that comes to your home.

Quality foot and nail care is an integral aspect of our health, if we leave foot problems untreated then this could become a significant health issue. Mobility is very important to us as we age and simply being able to walk safely and comfortably is a real benefit. In practical terms for many of our clients it simply becomes difficult to bend down to cut toenails and in some cases poor eyesight can be a worry when you are about to clip a nail!

Many of us will develop foot problems at some point in our lives simply as a result of wear and tear. Even if your feet are generally in good condition you might consider having a single session of our basic foot care which will provide four aspects of care:

  • Toenail cutting,
  • Filing of toenails,
  • Bathing of feet and/or cream application to feet,
  • A soothing foot massage.

Our fully trained Nail Carer will come to your home to attend to your feet. All our Nail carers completed an NHS Training programme, which we are certified to provide.

On the first visit we need to complete a basic health questionnaire and should we decide that your requirements are more complex than we are trained to provide then we may advise you to contact a Registered Podiatrist.

What are the costs?

There is a one off payment of £12.50 for your equipment including quality nail clippers and metal file. The reason you have your own kit is that it reduces the risk of cross infection; we will wash the kit after every visit. This kit is yours and should last for many years

The cost of the nail care visit will be £25.00 and usually a visit is required every 6-8 weeks.

To book an appointment, or to discuss the service in more detail call us on 0118 997 7499. To learn more about feet go to