First Aid Quiz

Take our quiz and put your knowledge to the test…

Question: You are at a business lunch with Donald and a piece of food gets lodged in his throat and he starts choking, its serious and he is struggling to breathe. What would you do?

A) Ask for the bill and hope for a discount before leaving as soon as you can?

B) Encourage Donald to cough, followed by 5 hard back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts until food is dislodged. If he becomes unconscious and stops breathing perform CPR and call 999?

C)   Shout for help and see if someone is a First Aider or Emergency Responder who           can help whilst you go to the toilet.

Answer: B) Encourage him to cough, if food is not dislodged and he is unable to cough, 5 hard back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts can be repeated until object is dislodged or he falls unconscious and stops breathing at which point we would perform CPR.


Question: Can you recognise the signs of a Stroke?

A) Face, Arms, Speech, Time

B) Face, Abdomen, Smile, Teeth

C) Fainting, Ambulance, Speed, Time

Answer: A) Face: is it drooping on one side? Arms: Can they raise both arms above their head and keep them there? Speech: Is their speech slurred, can they repeat a sentence to you? Time to call 999.


Question: How much is too much blood loss, before Hypovolemic Shock takes over?

A) 15-30% of total blood volume

B) 5-15 % of total blood volume

C) 30-50% of total blood volume

Answer: A) 15-30% blood volume loss is life threatening.


Question: First Aiders follow S.E.E.P when treating cuts and bleeds but what does it stand for?

A) S = Smile        E = Examine            E = Eat &Drink         P = Panic

B) S = Sit             E = Examine             E = Elevate                P = Pressure

C) S = Stop         E = Explain               E = Evaluate              P = Plan

Answer: B) Sit the casualty down, examine the wound, elevate the limb and apply pressure.


Question: Would you do with a serious burn? This is very common, very painful and can scar for life

A) Would you support your colleague to run it under cold water for no less than 10 minutes, then call 999/111?

B) Would you ask them to be brave and continue as if nothing’s happened?

C) Turn the radio up so you can’t hear the screams and pretend you didn’t see anything?

D) Splash some water on the burn and wrap the injury in cling film? [if you have any?]

Answer: A) depending on the placement, size and circumstances, run under the cold tap for no less than 10 minutes and call 111/999 for help. If you have cling film, the top layer can be taken off the clingfilm to access the most sterile part of the roll and then a layer applied over the burn to prevent infection. DO NOT wrap around the burn, it will restrict any natural swelling, simply layer it on top.

Question: The role of the First Aider is to do what?

A) Prevent, Promote, Preserve

B) Panic, Pass Out, Persuade

C) Prevent, Praise, Plan

Answer: A) Prevent the condition from worsening, promote recovery and preserve life until help arrives.


Question: Sally has fallen and has hit her head and injured her back. She is conscious and breathing, but in a-lot of pain.  Would you move Sally?

A) Yes, I would move her into the recovery position.

B) I would keep her where she is, keeping her still, warm and comforted whilst monitoring her vital signs and breathing. I would call 999.

C) I would keep her where she is, still and warm, comforted and call 999. If she fell unconscious and not breathing, I would perform CPR and this would be the only time I would move her onto her back in order to perform this correctly. As she has fallen on her side, the risk of the tongue rolling back into the mouth is reduced, so in this instance I would not move her but ensure her breathing and circulation remain OK until help arrives.

Answer: Both B & C are correct! You would NOT move her unless she fell unconscious and was not breathing and you needed to perform CPR. The only other time you would move her, is if she was bleeding and you needed to stop the flow of blood.


People tell us one of the worst things they remember is the feeling of being completely useless while a colleague or client was in trouble. Question: Would that be you?

A) Yes

B) No

C Maybe

If you knew all the answers to the questions, that’s FANTASTIC! Check when the last time you attended a First Aid training course was and book onto a course with The Homecare People to keep your skills up to date. We advise a yearly refresher.

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