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Please take a look at some of the most common questions we are asked and how we would respond, if you want to know more detail then please contact us, and please look at our CQC report below.


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What is home care or domiciliary care?

Home care is simply when we provide care in the home of our client. It is a cost-effective option enabling our clients to receive the levels of help they require in the privacy of their own home. Often the care works in harmony with the support of our clients families. Companionship care enables our clients to remain independent for longer before having to consider other types of care.

Are your caregivers trained and vetted?

Yes, all of our Carers are trained in accordance with regulatory requirements as a minimum and they all have an on-going training plan to ensure they have the best skills to help our clients. They are enhanced DBS [CRB] checked and are employed by us. More importantly with our years of experience we specifically look for those carers who really love the job and working with our clients, that’s what can make the difference. Go to ‘Work with us’

Who can receive home care?
Anyone can receive home care that has the need for care, support or simply some company. Sometimes extra support is needed following surgery or a carer may need some respite even for a few hours or days.
For some clients it may be a little help with shopping or basic chores for others it may be more specialised care to help with a range of physical or mental difficulties. It’s rare we can’t provide the right carer to help.

Who pays for home care?
All our clients are privately funded. Usually this is from savings or with help from relatives or other representatives. There are opportunities for government funding in some cases but the issue of funding can be quite complicated and we are happy to discuss this if you wish to contact us. Go to our ‘funding’ page

Must my doctor order home care?
No. If you need help you just have to talk to us it is your choice. In some cases a family will approach us to help with a parent when they have concerns for their health and wellbeing and we will gladly have a discussion and advise on how we might help however the final decision to have our support must come from the client we are to work with.

Can someone visit me to answer me and my loved ones questions?
Yes. In fact we have to come and visit you to be sure we know exactly what you need and for you to be sure you like us! Our Care Manager is very experienced in assessing needs and we have a thorough process to be sure we get it right. Go to ‘About Us’

Who provides Home Care?
We have a number of carers some with specialist expertise and all have been carefully selected to be sure they meet our understanding of what the best care looks like. They are all [First aid trained], DBS checked and contractually employed by us. We offer a fully supported programme of continued training, assessment and quality assurance.

What types of services does The Homecare People provide?
We offer a full range of personal support services, i.e. dressing, bathing, washing, continence care and medicines support and for many clients domestic, companionship and support services are all they need. Our staff is fully trained in understanding a range of conditions such as dementia care and how to work in people’s homes. We have clear policies in place to manage any emergency whilst caring for a client. For a full list of service please click here.

Why should I choose home care?
It has been shown that over 90% of people wish to remain independent in their own environment for as long as they can, close to friends and maintaining familiar routines and lifestyle. For many this promotes good health and wellbeing. Following a Hospital stay or surgery many people prefer to recuperate in their own home as they may recover more quickly in a familiar environment. Home care is often less expensive than some other types of care. However our role is to observe and carefully consider the health and wellbeing of our clients and for many there may come a time where full time care, perhaps specialist Care homes may be more appropriate. If this is the case we will discuss it with our client and their families if appropriate.

Who can I call to ask other questions that I may have?
You can call our offices at any time and talk with any of our staff, if you have specific questions then please ask for our manager Lynn Taylor. If our office is closed the phone will be forwarded to our on call staff. Alternatively why not call into our offices at 59 Peach Street, Wokingham, Rg40 1XP. There is plenty of parking behind our offices in the Easthampstead Road car park and you can enter our offices from there.

What happens if I don’t get on with my carer?
If you ever feel uncomfortable with your carer please call our offices and ask for the duty manager, in fact you will have not only the name of our manager or deputy manager but you will see them regularly so you should feel comfortable with a discussion.

Will I have multiple different carers taking care of my needs?
We know our clients prefer to get to know a few carers and so we make it a key principle to keep your care team to a few well known carers. However our carers do have holidays and may be unwell and so on occasion we may have to send someone else, where possible one of our managers may step in. You will always be notified if a different carer from the person you expected will be visiting so you will always know who to expect.

What must I provide in the way of accommodation and facilities?
We can’t actually answer this without visiting your home. As part of our service we will perform a health and safety check in the client’s home for both the client and our carer’s security and safety. Usually we are able to operate with the clients’ facilities, equipment and supplies if not we will specify anything we might need.

Can your carers manage dementia?
Yes. All our carers undergo specialist training to help them help their clients cope with the symptoms of dementia.

Will your carers help with housework and other domestic duties?
Yes. For many of our clients a little extra help is always appreciated particularly if they have any physical difficulties and some tasks become a little more difficult. In some cases you might ask us to perform some domestic duties as a part of our engagement which is usually perfectly acceptable. It’s all about supporting our clients to live comfortably and safely at home. All our carers are insured to perform light domestic duties.

Will your carer help walk the dog and feed the cat?
Yes. Household pets often play a vital role in our clients’ lives.

Will you provide more personal care such as bathing and dressing?
Yes we are registered by CQC to provide full personal services.

Are you carers trained to cook?
As a part of the selection process we ask our carers what level of experience they have with cooking. Although they are not trained as cooks they are all assessed to ensure they have a good knowledge of food hygiene and how to prepare a tasty balanced meal. We do offer training and education on healthy eating.

How long does it take before a carer can start to help me?
Following our home visit and assessment, we work quickly to find a suitable carer. Our goal is to start as soon as a client needs us. We work to ensure the client and carer are well matched and that client preferences are taken into account. Usually the support starts within just a few days depending on your needs and our availability.

When it comes to choosing a carer, can I be involved in the selection?
Yes. We would like you to be involved. During the assessment we ask about likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests so we are better able to match the client to the carer as closely as possible. Clients are informed of their chosen carer details before their arrival so they know who to expect and a little bit about them. In most cases on the first visit they will be accompanied by a manager who you will already have met.

Can you help if I come out of Hospital?
Yes we can, many people recuperate better in their own home yet a Hospital will need to be confident you will have appropriate care at home. Sometimes for elderly couples this may be difficult and so we can support in a number of ways and often it’s not just the elderly as giving the right level of support requires training.






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